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Radical Candor S2, Ep.16 Navigating Emotional Reactions at Work

Whether you’re the one getting emotional or you’re giving someone feedback and they react with unexpected emotion, it’s important to recognize that while you can’t control or manage other people’s emotions, you can manage your emotional reactions at work. On the final episode of season 2 of the Radical Candor podcast, Kim, Amy and Jason talk about how to navigate emotional reactions at work. The worst thing you can do is ignore emotional reactions. Emotions like anger, sadness and fear are part of the human condition, and people shouldn’t have to leave their humanity at home when they come to work. We’re offering Radical Candor podcast listeners 10% off our self-paced e-course and workplace comedy series, The Feedback Loop, starring Kim Scott and David Alan Grier. Go to and enter the promo code FEEDBACK at checkout. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

A show about how to kick ass at work without losing your humanity by practicing the principles of Radical Candor. Host Amy Sandler leads discussions with Radical Candor co-founders Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff about what it means to be Radically Candid, why it’s hard and why it’s worth it. Tune in to get actionable tips for doing the best work of your life and building the best relationships of your career, and don't forget to read Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity!