Jurassic Park (1993)

It is time for the episode that has been 65 million years in the making. That’s right folks, let us at Ramblin welcome you to JURASSIC PARK - the 1993 mega-blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg that became the highest-grossing movie of all-time. To excavate the mines of this cinematic milestone, we invite Jurassic expert Jack De La Mare - founder of the site Jurassic Outpost - to share his expertise, while being mindful of anything in mirrors that may be closer than they appear. It’s a suitably epic episode where we spare no expense, leaving no Barbasol Can untouched as we travel through the production and share our thoughts on this stone cold classic. Hold onto your butts. You can follow Jurassic Outpost on Twitter @JurassicOutpost and find the work that Jack and the team do over at https://jurassicoutpost.com/. Follow the podcast on Twitter (@RamblinAmblin) and be sure to like and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! Get in touch with us either via Twitter or email rambinaboutamblin@gmail.com. Please feel free to give us a 5-star review, share your favourite Amblin movies and tell us if ET makes you cry. Ramblin is created and produced by Andrew Gaudion and Joshua Glenn. A special thanks as always to Emily Tatham for the artwork, and Robert J. Hunter & Greg Sheffield for the theme music.

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