We in Front!

A joyful hike up Castle Hill near Huddersfield with We In Front, an inspirational group of walkers.Leading the way is Errol Hamlet who, having retired, felt bored, unhealthy and wanted a new challenge. He spotted a neighbour out walking during the pandemic and decided to join her. Then, one by one, more people joined until they eventually had a decent sized group. Most are senior citizens from the local West Indian community and they can often be heard singing as they disappear into the countryside surrounding Huddersfield. As they walk Clare hears about Carriacou, the Caribbean island where nine of the walkers spent at least some of their childhood. Apparently everyone on that island knows someone in Huddersfield... the two places are closely linked. There's also an unexpected conversation about the niche hobby of bottle-top collecting...The group started today's walk at grid reference SE155152 from where they followed a circuitous route up to Castle Hill. Presenter: Clare Balding Producer: Karen Gregor

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Clare Balding joins notable and interesting people for a walk through the countryside