Lists Vol. 1

People share lists about words and work and self-help and sex and their souls. Featuring Julia Nightingale, Sharon Mashihi, Derekk Garner, Peter Chinman, Reuben Radding, Sarah Sloat, Amanda Daisy Lees, Kay Kasperhauser, (Atlanta Floor), Johnny Hoppe, Josephine Decker, Johnathan Wood Vincent, Christopher Funkhauser, Mike Houston, Suko Presseau, Brad Phillips, Julia Cafritz, and Rian Fossett.

Om Podcasten

Secret lists, personal pontificaions, poems, journal entries, and curated readings from literature, journalism and popular culture recorded in the field by a wide and diverse group of people. Join your host Thatcher Keats as we wrestle with the big issues and examine the small stuff of life.