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Farming, ATMs's ,Rentals and Syndications - Trista Priest #50

Born and raised in Southwest Kansas, Trista Brown Priest is a third generation cattle farmer. Coming from a very small town, she went to school with all the same people, all 19 of them. So naturally, wrapping up high school, she had aspirations to settle down in some bigshot city and never come back. Sure enough, she graduated college with an MBA in 2008 and couldn’t get hired for the very degree she had just spent the last couple years working towards. So along with getting back into farming, Trista was also getting into real estate investing. And that's where we meet Trista in this episode. She’s done well for herself and her family and the goal for the immediate future is to get to financial independence ASAP! Up to date, she owns five rental properties, a local car wash, feeds 43,000 cattle, and is growing her short term rental and syndication portfolio. To get in touch with Trista, follow her on Instagram To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to: and join our waiting list! The Rat Race To FI Course and Micro Tribes are now live! Head over to and enter code: RRHALFOFF at checkout for a 50% discount while supplies last. Are you a Wholesaler or a Real Estate Professional looking to get more warm leads but don't have enough time to cold call? Visit: to learn more about how our team of in house virtual assistants are generating leads for our clients daily!

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