From Air Force To Investing Realtor - Ali Garced #49

Born and raised in White Plains, New York, Ali Garced grew up in a diverse family as a second generation immigrant child. And that allowed her very unique experiences in life. She witnessed the back breaking work her parents went through in order to support her and her sister. And because of that, she felt that she owed it to them not to drop the ball for the next generation. While a rebellious teenager, she never got into too much trouble. And it was ingrained in her early on that college was just something she was going to do. And again, as a debt to her parents, she stuck it out and eventually decided to join the Air Force. While it seemed like a radical idea at the time, it all worked out well. She even bought her first property using a VA Loan. And that's where we meet Ali in this episode. She’s approaching her 10th year in the military and will be transitioning (officially) into full time real estate sales as a Realtor later this year. Up to date, Ali owns six properties and is in the process of acquiring her next single family short term rental out in Hawaii along with an apartment building as to start branching out the portfolio. And aside from all the real estate, start a family here shortly. To get in touch with Ali, follow her on Instagram @ali_the_agent To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to: and join our waiting list! The Rat Race To FI Course and Micro Tribes are now live! Head over to and enter code: RRHALFOFF at checkout for a 50% discount while supplies last. Are you a Wholesaler or a Real Estate Professional looking to get more warm leads but don't have enough time to cold call? Visit: to learn more about how our team of in house virtual assistants are generating leads for our clients daily!

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