From Dish Washer To Banker To Full Time Real Estate Investor - Sebastian Rodriguez #51

Connections, Partnerships, and Survival with Sebastian Rodriguez Born  and raised in Columbia, Sebastian Rodriguez immigrated to the US seven  years ago when he was 25 years old. Coming from the banking industry  back home, he was a nobody here. So what started out as dreams of  becoming a Wall Street stockbroker quickly became a reality of  bartending, bussing, and waiting in Miami, Fl. In an effort to  stay afloat, Sebastian essentially started House Hacking before he even  knew what he was really doing. Everything he did was all in an effort to  survive. In between learning English and working three jobs, Sebastian  kept his head down and reminded himself that there was more. He closed  on his first property in 2019 and joined Rat Race To FI shortly  thereafter. Now being a father, he’s taken the lessons and  experiences from the last decade and is continuing to build on it not  only for the family that came before him, but the ones that will come  after. And that’s where we meet Sebastian in this episode. He’s  transitioned to full time real estate investing and is dreaming larger  than ever. Up to date, Sebastian owns four properties, both traditional rentals and AirBNB, and is actively wholesaling. To get in touch with Sebastian, follow him on Instagram @sebasromi09 To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to: and join our waiting list! The  Rat Race To FI Course and Micro Tribes are now live! Head over to and enter code: RRHALFOFF at checkout for a 50%  discount while supplies last. Are you a Wholesaler or a Real  Estate Professional looking to get more warm leads but don't have enough  time to cold call? Visit: to learn more about how our  team of in house virtual assistants are generating leads for our  clients daily! You can join us in conversations such as this one, and receive so much  business related knowledge when you are part of our mastermind  community.  SEEKING MENTOR-SHIP?  Join our Mastermind:   Send Us A DM On Instagram:  Diego Corzo:  Felipe Mejia:  #realestate #cashflow #rentals  Email:

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