Lesson From The Financial Independence Expo - Felipe Mejias & Diego Corzo #60

On this episode real estate investors, Felipe Mejia and Diego Corzo   discuss lessons learned in the Limitless Financial Independence Expo.  They dive into topics such as :  - Head space and multiplying yourself to scale your business faster.    - Time Blocking and being present in the moment  - Time debt, over extending yourself, and not saying yes to evertthing  - Having Plans, and Goals -vs- Having Strategies  - Goals and Tax Strategies   To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to:  go.ratracetofi.com/optin and join our waiting list! The Rat Race  To FI Course and Micro Tribes are now live! Head over to  go.ratracetofi.com/optin and enter code: RRHALFOFF at checkout for a 50%  discount while supplies last. Are you a Wholesaler or a Real  Estate Professional looking to get more warm leads but don't have enough  time to cold call? Visit: reicallcenter.com to learn more about how our  team of in house virtual assistants are generating leads for our  clients daily! You can join us in conversations such as this  one, and receive so much business related knowledge when you are part of  our mastermind community.  SEEKING MENTOR-SHIP?  Join our Mastermind:   https://www.ratracetofi.com   Send Us A DM On Instagram:  Diego Corzo:  https://www.instagram.com/realdiegocorzo  Felipe Mejia:  https://www.instagram.com/felipemejiarei  #realestate #cashflow #rentals  https://www.instagram.com/ratracetofi  Email: info@ratracetofi.com

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