Mental Framework For Investors and Entrepreneurs- Jason Drees #48

We welcome back Episode #48 featured guest, Jason Drees, to delve deeper  into his story and how he became the man he is today.  Above and beyond helping someone achieve their goals, Jason is a  performance coach who helps individuals achieve their maximum potential  by removing their resistance to success.  Jason was in technology sales since the 90s and did that for over two  decades. And up until the point he decided he wanted to be an  entrepreneur, there was no one else in his family that had done it  before him. In 2012, he read Rich Dad Poor Dad, hired a Tony Robbins  coach, and the trajectory of his life changed forever.  Throughout the episode, Jason throws out a ton of powerful questions you  should take the time to ask yourself and of your business to get  aligned, inspired, and win. Think of it as a mini coaching call.   To get in touch with Jason, follow him on Instagram @jasondreescoaching   To learn more about the Rat Race To FI Mastermind group, head over to: and join our waiting list!   The Rat Race To FI Course and Micro Tribes are now live! Head over to and enter code: RRHALFOFF at checkout for a 50%  discount while supplies last.   Are you a Wholesaler or a Real Estate Professional looking to get more  warm leads but don't have enough time to cold call?  Visit: to learn more about how our team of in house virtual  assistants are generating leads for our clients daily!    You can join us in conversations such as this one, and receive so much  business related knowledge when you are part of our mastermind  community.   SEEKING MENTOR-SHIP?  Join our Mastermind:    Send Us A DM On Instagram:  Diego Corzo:   Felipe Mejia:   #realestate #cashflow #rentals  Email:

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