Linn Frisinger: Founder of Swedish Stockings

 Welcome to Series 3, Episode 1 of Raw Talent where we're heading to Sweden for an educational chat with Linn Frisinger founder of Swedish Stockings. It all started after watching the 2010 documentary The Light Bulb Conspiracy which uncovers how planned obsolescence has shaped our lives and economy since the 1920’s, when manufacturers deliberately started shortening the life of consumer products to increase demand. The film also profiles a new generation of consumers, designers and business people like Linn, who have started challenging planned obsolescence as an unsustainable economic driver. Linn explains that tights are made from petroleum which shocks most people. She saw many areas for improvement in design, quality, sustainability and packaging and has set about rewriting the rule book to create the first sustainable worldwide hosiery brand made from fully recycled nylon. 

Om Podcasten

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