Spark Design Academy: Founders Rob Warner & Craig Buglass

Welcome to Series 3, Episode 5 of Raw Talent, where we are heading into the world of design with Creative Directors Rob Warner and Craig Buglass founders of Spark Design Academy. Rob and Craig have amassed 45 years experience between them and are proud owners of the award-winning design agency Spark. Together, they have designed a series of courses that can fast-track your career, built from the knowledge they have of working at the highest level in the field. Spark Design Academy has been crafted to provide you with everything you need to develop your core design, presentation and business skills with a window into the world of luxury, fashion and sportswear industries, giving you the advantages you need to forge a successful career.

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Raw Talent is a podcast series by Fiona Abrahams, Founder of Fashion Heaven Inc. where we deep-dive behind the scenes and into the career stories of fashion and creative industry professionals around the world. We hear where people started, discover their motivations, most memorable moments and biggest challenges but greatest learning opportunities. We learn about their observations on the most effective ways to be influential and achieve results. We also gain an insight into the mindsets that drive success and how serendipity often plays a key role if you follow the signposts. Join me as we navigate our way into a new reality.