Tanya Robertson: Founder of Womanhood

In Series 4, Episode 3 of Raw Talent I am speaking with Tanya Robertson Founder of Womanhood, an online store showcasing a curated collection of lingerie by female founders offering multiple sizes and styles, creating a positive underwear shopping and wearer experience.Womanhood reflects representation, authenticity and women reclaiming their bodies. It is a joining of forces showcasing brands that share the aligned values of diversity, inclusion and body positivity.The aim is to build a community of confident, empowered women whilst championing diverse, ethical and independent brands, who create their products with love. 

Om Podcasten

Raw Talent is a podcast series by Fiona Abrahams, Founder of Fashion Heaven Inc. where we deep-dive behind the scenes and into the career stories of fashion and creative industry professionals around the world. We hear where people started, discover their motivations, most memorable moments and biggest challenges but greatest learning opportunities. We learn about their observations on the most effective ways to be influential and achieve results. We also gain an insight into the mindsets that drive success and how serendipity often plays a key role if you follow the signposts. Join me as we navigate our way into a new reality.