Anti-racism in speech and language therapy: part 2

This is the second in a series of episodes which we will be releasing in 2022 which will look at anti-racism in the speech and language therapy profession. In this episode leaders of the network group 'SLTs of Colour' (Angela Whiteley, Heeral Davda and Dorett Davis) chat with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists' chair, Mary Heritage, and consultant Kiki Maurey OBE MBA. In 2020 RCSLT commissioned Kiki to undertake an independent review of how it might move towards a more diverse board.  In this episode we look at what Kiki's findings and recommendations and what RCSLT is doing and has done in response. There is a link to the report and actions in the Useful links below. About SLTs of Colour:SLTs of Colour is an inclusive network supporting Speech & Language Therapists in the UK, posting SLT profiles on Instagram. Find SLTs of Colour on Twitter and Instagram:SLTs of Colour TwitterSLTs of Colour InstagramUseful links from RCSLT:An update on the RCSLT's committment to anti-racism and equality, diversity and inclusion and our work so far, including a link to Kiki Maurey's report:​​​​ Anti-racism in speech and language therapy: part 1: Listen here or or via your favourite podcast app.Raising concerns about racism: advice for members: Note that this is open-access.RCSLT anti-racism updates: Ida B. Wells: The Hill we Climb: interview was produced by Jacques Strauss, freelance digital producer.

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