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RAR #172: Helping Our Developing Readers Fall in Love with Books

Learning to read can be hard. And when our kids are still learning to read fluently and well, helping them fall in love with books can feel impossible. But it doesn't have to be that way. In today's episode, I'm going to show you how to help your kids fall in love with stories, and tell you why it will help them more to keep reading aloud than to cram in another long phonics lesson. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL HEAR: * a reminder that learning to read is a little like climbing a mountain! * the key to getting our kids reading (hint: it's NOT endless phonics practice)* how to become a book match-maker for your child I also answer two questions about transitioning from audio books to independent reading and the advantages and disadvantages to reading versus watching Shakespeare. CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO START LISTENING: TIME STAMPS: 2:45Q&A: Transitioning from audio books to independent reading6:57Q&A: Shakespeare and the advantages/disadvantages of reading versus watching11:26Climbing the mountain 13:31Three ways to help our developing readers15:35Spend more time (surprise!) reading aloud 18:14Favorite early reader books19:56Series for the win!22:33Ideas for great, page-turning series we love (and 'finding the right jelly bean'25:47'Secret Juice': How to use a series28:33You can't help your child too much32:09Let the Kids Speak QUOTES TO REMEMBER: "If our kids love stories, they will have an incentive to learn to read... because then they can get the stories for themselves."Sarah Mackenzie "You can't help your child too much, so don't worry about making this too easy on them. You want this to be easy on them. The most important thing is not to ruin the story by trying to turn it into a lesson. Let your child love the story and let them fall in love with the story. The reading skill will come with time."Sarah Mackenzie LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: * The Great Homeschool Conventions* Pam Barnhill - Your Morning Basket* Colleen Kessler - Raising Lifelong Learners* RAR #171: How to Introduce Your Kids to Shakespeare* All About Reading* Logic of English* RAR #105: Favorite Early Reader Books (for kids who are learning to read)* Get RAR emails* Series to Hook Your Developing Reader (Book List)* Laura Martin episode about 'finding the right jelly bean' BOOKS FOR DEVELOPING READERS: (All links are Amazon affiliate links.)

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Sarah Mackenzie will help your kids fall in love with books, and will help *you* fall in love with homeschooling.