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RAR #175: Is My Child Dyslexic?

Is my child dyslexic? And if so, what should I do about it? It's one of the things we're asked about most here at Read-Aloud Revival, and no wonder. When our kids struggle to learn to read, we worry. Dyslexia is extremely common, and is very often misunderstood. Today, we're going to talk about the signs of dyslexia, and what to do if you think your child may be dyslexic. If you've ever wondered whether your child is a "late bloomer" or might be struggling with a learning difference, you're in the right place. Marianne Sunderland from Homeschooling with Dyslexia is here to give us the lowdown. In this episode, you'll hear: * Does my child have dyslexia? Here's how to know...* What we get wrong about dyslexia * Which reading curriculum is best for dyslexic learners CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO START LISTENING: TIME STAMPS: 3:16What dyslexia is 5:49Is my child dyslexic?14:10Do kids grow out of dyslexia?17:02The gift of audiobooks20:23Internal motivation22:32Will dyslexic kids ever learn to love reading?27:17Let's talk Orton-Gillingham29:00What a dyslexic learner needs30:06Remediation for older children with dyslexia36:28The first steps37:23Let the Kids Speak40:47Sarah's final thought "Read aloud a lot, use a good systematic reading program, and then give it time. You can't sidestep this. Your dyslexic student needs time."Sarah Mackenzie LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: * Marianne Sunderland's website* Signs of Dyslexia (Homeschooling with Dyslexia)* Sarah's top recommendation: Dyslexia 101* The Great Illustrated Classics (this is a series of several books, some still in print like The Wizard of Oz)* Dyslexia Simulations * IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing)* Reading Horizons* Teaching Textbooks* Book for teaching commas RECOMMENDED READING PROGRAMS * All About Reading* Logic of English * Barton BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: (All links are Amazon affiliate links.) Nothing Found More free resources and booklists Get the best episodes and reources from the Read-Aloud Revival Keep an eye on your inbox!

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