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RAR #181: Practical Tips for Reading a Book a Day

In this episode, we're offering some tips and ideas to help you with the nitty gritty of reading more picture books. The whole RAR team is back, and we're answering your questions about reading a picture book a day. In this episode, you'll hear: * the best way to create a picture book routine* if reading the same books again and again is OK (YUP! )* when and if to buy a particular book, and new way of thinking about investing in books CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO START LISTENING: PRINTABLE TRACKERS: TIME STAMPS: 2:52Planning (or not) for which books to read each day5:53Re-reading and its effects on the brain9:24About point and read type books (Richard Scarry)11:35Is there a best time of day to read aloud?13:39Recommending books about vehicles 16:52Investing in picture books22:04A few recommendations25:16Let the Kids Speak QUOTES TO REMEMBER: "The key question here is, what's the easiest way for you to read a picture book a day with your kids? However you answer that - that's going to be a really good path forward for you."- Sarah Mackenzie LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: * RAR #180: Reading a Book a Day with Older Kids and Teens* RAR March Picture Book List* RAR #104: Put Those Books Face Out* RAR #173: What Happens in Your Child's Brain When You Read Aloud (Dr. John Hutton)* RAR #141: Why Re-Reading is Possibly the Best Reading* Mike Mulligan Audio from Maestro Classics* RAR #19: Reading Aloud to Toddlers - the Why and How* RAR Books of the Week* Madeline Finn and the Library Dog Book of the Week BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: (All links are affiliate links.) Nothing Found YOU'LL ALSO ENJOY: * Do you see what I see? How to look closely at a picture book* Why read a book a day? (Yep - you can)* How to read a wordless book

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