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RAR #183: Should We Avoid Abridged or Adapted Versions of the Classics?

Should we avoid abridged or adapted versions of classics? That's the question I'm answering in today's short episode of the Read-Aloud Revival. You'll hear... * what abridged or adapted versions of the classics can offer* what happened when Sarah's daughter read an abridged version of Heidi* how adapted books can lead to better, richer reading Links mentioned in the show * Episode 141: Why Re-Reading is Possibly the Best Reading* Episode 137: Why your kids love graphic novels (and which we like best)* Episode 47: How to read the classics with kids (even if you've never read them before) Record a question for Sarah Listen to more RAR episodes Abridged or Adapted Versions of the Classics We've Enjoyed: (Book links are affiliate links.) We've enjoyed abridged classics from Usborne Books, Classic Starts, Great Illustrated Classics, and others. Our recommendations aren't limited to just these few. Any book that helps your child fall in love with the classic story is a win! Nothing Found You might also like...

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