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RAR#178: Why read a book a Day? (Yep, You Can!)

What would happen if we read a book a day with our kids? That's the idea we're exploring today in a brand new episode of the Read-Aloud Revival podcast. And we're also issuing a challenge: we dare you to read a picture book a day with your kids - for a week, a month... or more. And you'll even hear some profound insights, like how a good picture book is like a baked potato. All the details are in today's episode. In this episode, you'll hear: * Why it's worthwhile to read a book a day with our kids of all ages (so MANY reasons)* What to read with kids of all ages—you know we have lots of ideas! * Printable trackers for your own book-a-day challenge CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO START LISTENING: PRINTABLE TRACKERS: TIME STAMPS: 3:11A challenge for you!5:03A complete narrative arc8:25Different kinds of stories9:52A manageable commitment11:59WHAT to read14:06 Hints at what's coming next15:58 Book recommendations16:12Little Fox in the Forest18:24Prairie Days19:4020:27Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm25:40Let the Kids Speak QUOTES TO REMEMBER: They're seeing, with each story, an unqualified hero who overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds to get what they want or need. That's a really beautiful thing for them to witness again and again.Sarah Mackenzie "The more we read, the more we practice, the better we get at it."Kortney Garrison "The best books really help us feel what the characters are feeling ..."Kara Anderson LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: * RAR #139: Kindness Over Curiosity: Favorite Books Featuring Differently Abled Characters* RAR #133: Books Take You Places (and some favorite seaside titles)* RAR #122: Picture Book Biographies We Love* RAR #170: How to Read a Wordless Picture Book* Use the hashtag #readaloudrevival as you complete your challenge* Kortney* Kara BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: (All links are affiliate links.) Nothing Found YOU'LL ALSO ENJOY: * Our favorite way to read through history* Why reading aloud will change your children's lives forever* Why read aloud to kids who can read to themselves?

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Sarah Mackenzie will help your kids fall in love with books, and will help *you* fall in love with homeschooling.