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Episode 45-Earth Life Big Brain Project:2033 by Joshua Joseph Valdez

av Reads and Weeds | Publicerades 8/5/2020

Shelly hangs with author Joshua Joseph Valdez to discuss his book Earth Life Big Brain Project:2033. Valdez wasn't TRYING to predict the future when he started writing this over 10 years ago but now that it is only 13 years away it feels pretty possible/likely that he has. He just had alllll kinds of ideas and time on his hands and is really smart and he wrote and wrote and wrote. But I desperately want this book to be a Sci-Fi miniseries even if it is just for the party scenes and snow globe room. There are no page numbers, but there IS a mind blowing amount of scientific theory, and live readings from Burning Man, and an establishment called the Velvet Pelvis that 'helps you get over your ex' with questionable methods. We are joined by his now fellow Burners Tom Mansell(check out 'Slumberland' podcast)and Ashley Strange(check out @reflectedfire on insta) to discuss this totally entertaining fast paced ride of a book. Get it. Read it slow so you don't miss anything. It blew my mind. We also made a sweet Spotify playlist for this one.

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