Reads and Weeds

Episode 57-No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners by Noah Rasheta

av Reads and Weeds | Publicerades 3/4/2021

Shelly is back with Angie Mae! We missed each other. This was recorded on Biden's inauguration day and we needed to talk about ANYTHING else. Happy to report no one has stormed the castle since then. Let's call it a win. If you've ever wanted the basics of Buddhism and have been intimidated by giant texts, this is your start. If you are looking for simple habits to calm your ass down during these crazy times, read this today. We also talk about weed food and other regular food A LOT, so if you want recipes for Biscuit Pot Pie or Brownie Waffle Sundaes, hit me up.

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Hanging with friends, smoking weed, and talking about books is just the best idea ever!