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Grow your top line revenue fast with Lisa Florenzen

I try to help any business gain at least $20,000 of revenue in less than an hour. And how I do that is really taking a look at their message, their content, what their goal is with their business.
[After COVID] are people going to be sitting around waiting for two hours now that we can bake our own chocolate babka and give ourselves bowl cuts? Are we going to really be sitting around waiting two hours for our hairdresser to squeeze us in anymore?
I am just me having been there and done that and still doing it. I am worth it and if you want to save your business, if you want to take it to a whole another level, you need, people like me.

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I have been there and done that and I'm still doing it. I am worth it and if you want to save your business, if you want to [grow your top line revenue], you need, people like me.

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Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. In-studio today, I've got joining me a fellow marketer. Lisa Florenzen calls herself the Small Business Swiss Army Knife. By spending the last 25 years working with Pre-IPO startups and medium-sized entities in California and Idaho and nationally doing everything from getting coffee, writing copy, and staffing bodies. Her non-sugar coated sense of business style and her former stint as a standup comic have given her a unique perspective on handling the marketing drama with humor, tact, and in almost any financial environment. She currently runs a consulting firm called Kabomb Coach Academy and is honored to be a consulting partner with the first social selling app, RelyCircle. So I'd like to welcome Lisa to the Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast today. Well hey, I'm super excited to have my next guest on the show. I just want to welcome Lisa Florenzen to the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast today.

Lisa Florenzen: Thank you, Doug. I'm super elated to be here.

Doug: So we connected on social media and I think the reason that happened is that we use social media what it's designed to do, and that is to be social and not just broadcast.

Lisa Florenzen: Absolutely. I was, yeah... I mean I was tickled when I got your invite, so thank you again.

Doug: Well I connect with a lot of people that way and it surprises me that in the days of people wanting to be more social and connect that they still use it as a broadcast channel where they just think they can pump out their messages and not have conversations. And then they wonder, "Hey, social media doesn't work for me."

Lisa Florenzen: Yes. I've experienced that. Especially, I don't want to slam any social media outlet, but LinkedIn I've had conversations with people or brief little things where people try to hit me up or they invite me somewhere, and then I call it the abduction by aliens, where they are gone. You don't ever hear anything from them again. So-

Doug: That's funny, abduction.

Lisa Florenzen: ... I appreciate the fact that you come through with your contact. It's refreshing.

Doug: Well, some of it I automate and some of it I use the team for, but I think that the goal here really is to build our network, look for smart people that you want to connect with. And that gives us an opportunity for referrals, it gives us an opportunity to work with new potential vendors and just a support network of other people who are trying to do the same thing that we're trying to do. Which is to build our businesses and help our clients.

Lisa Florenzen: Absolutely.

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