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How to quickly build an engaged audience with John Meese

We focus more on the longterm strategies that really stand the test of time to build an engaged audience and we spend less time on like TikTok and whatever the latest cool thing is.

If you put systems in a few areas of your business, it dramatically increases your results.

Email has continued to succeed and that's really the foundation of our business. So then it's a question of, "Okay, who's on your email list and how do you get them on your email list?"

To quickly build an engaged audience I try to think through, "Okay, where's my target audience already hanging out online? And I pick one of those to focus on.

At the core of it, are you creating real solutions to real problems for real people?

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To quickly build an engaged audience I try to think through, "Okay, where's my target audience already hanging out online? And I pick one of those to focus on.

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Doug: Well, welcome back. Listen to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today we're going to talk about profit and process. My guest in studio today is John Meese is the Dean of Platform University. John leads a team focused on simplifying online marketing for professionals and runs three successful businesses including a coworking space that is walking distance from his house. John's passion is teaching entrepreneurs and busy professionals how to systemize their business and build an engaged online audience. Well, hey John, super excited to have you on the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast today.

John Meese: Well, thank you, Doug, for having me. I am so excited to be here.

Doug: Looking through your bio, it looks like you've got lots of gifts and talents and lots of ways that you serve your audience. Do you want to share with our listeners right now what do you consider your superpower and how you help people?

John Meese: Yeah, no, I'd be happy to. I think that's, of course, my own perception of my quote superpower is definitely changed over time but something that really stuck with me that a colleague shared probably only a year ago was that... She commented that I have a unique perspective to understand the need for both process and profit. And so I've really been over the last couple of years really just been developing better, my understanding of the kind of where I fit in the middle of that because I find most entrepreneurs are typically either drawn to a kind of like the big promotions and big launches that generate lots of revenue or they're drawn to like operations and efficiency and managing budgets. And I'm in this weird tension in the middle where I get excited about profit being the scorecard. And profit is a mix of both how you make money as well as how you keep the money.

John Meese: I mean a lot of times when I work with clients they say that the like the whole idea of turning complex ideas into simple concepts something you can act on and that's something they often come up in the comment themes and feedback. So yeah, I mean I would say those would be my superpowers is simplifying things and then process and profit.

Doug: Well, and I mean obviously both those things are important for you to keep the lights on your business.

John Meese: Yes.

Doug: And my experience as I've gotten older is that I've now found myself spending more time on process than I did before too when I was a young entrepreneur was like, "Hey, what can we do just to get out there and make some money?" And then you kind of learn that,

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