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Tips on how to respond to leads quickly with Maddy Martin

The most critical thing to moving the needle in your business is to respond to leads quickly.
If you don't have texting enabled for your business phone number, you're probably missing a lot of leads.
The most effective thing to do is to identify those top two or three things that you need to determine if the person contacting you is a good fit.
An important component is business continuity. If there was ever anything to happen to you who have you trained to take over those conversations?
Chat is actually an incredible SEO hack and we use a free chatbot.

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The most critical thing to moving the needle in your business is to respond to leads quickly.

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It's really important that when you have new leads who are looking to reach you, that you're responsive seven days a week and that you also have services that have continuity both for inbound and also being able to make outbound responses to people who, for example, fill out a web form.

Doug: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. In-studio, today, I've got joining me Maddy Martin, had a great conversation with her on how her company comes alongside companies like yours and mine and becomes part of the team to help with lead conversion, and lead qualification, and just handling all those inbound inquiries, and sorting them and prioritizing them, and helping us to leverage as entrepreneurs, and business owners and marketers to leverage our time.

Doug: Maddy is the Head of Growth and Education at a company called, which provides integrated phone and web chat services for solo and small firm attorneys including their virtual receptionist, intake services, live website chat, and keypad cloud phone service. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California and has expertise in digital marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, SEO, and event marketing.

Doug: Well, hey, Maddy, super excited to have you on the show today. I know it's been a while trying to get you here and so happy to have you here to share with our audience. Welcome to the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast.

Maddy Martin: Thanks, Doug. It's right to be here.

Doug: We had a brief chat before we started recording today and I'm really excited for you to share with our audience exactly what you do and then we will kind of dive into that and take one piece at a time and try to roll it out so people understand it. How do you serve your audience?

Maddy Martin: We are a virtual receptionist and webchat service for solo and small businesses. We improve their responsiveness to new and existing clients because we know that with marketing the most important thing is to be very prompt to respond to the new leads who are coming through, whether that's through referrals, paid search, organic, you name it. The most critical thing to moving the needle in your business is to respond.

Doug: Well, it's funny because I spend a lot of time online looking for vendors, and suppliers, and people that I need to work with to help my clients. What the most frustrating part for me is when I send, I fill in the webform and I hit the submit button. I always wonder, "Am I ever going to hear from these people again?" The answer to most of those inquiries is, "No, I will never hear from them even though I've requested their services."

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