Episode 05 - Knowledge is Power

This mini episode is here to encourage you to evaluate your knowledge. REAL sustainability, challenging judgements and inspiring the beauty industry.We have industry experts giving their views and tips to help you on your journey to a more sustainable salon. Join us every two weeks for a realistic and inspiring view into the beauty industry and its sustainability. We feel this episode is a perfect break to pause and take a break. We will be back with the second half of the series soon. More guests, more thoughtful episodes and few cheeky discounts. Music credit:Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):https://uppbeat.io/t/mood-maze/trendsetterLicense code: CCRF9B3S7TM4XEX1

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the REAL Salon Sustainability podcast. REAL because sustainability is individual, REAL because sustainability isn't just about an idealised view. In this podcast we will discover ways to be realistically sustainable in the beauty industry and challenge preconceived judgements surrounding eco practices.