#85 - Humor and Balance with Political Orphanage Podcast host Andrew Heaton - S4E13

Andrew Heaton, host of political satire podcast, The Political Orphanage and Sci-Fi deep dive podcast Alienating the Audience joins to talk about using humor in stressful situations, and we end up talking a lot about seeing situations and interpretations of events from another perspective.  The Real Talk School of Nursing podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Libsyn web player, Stitcher, Youtube, Spotify, and SoundCloud!   Music, Bumpers and Stingers used with permission of DSP and BKD Productions, or sourced Copyright Free music from YouTube: Our Affiliates, Partners, and Friends:  Andrew Heaton and the Political Orphanage Badge Lady by Nerd Wear The PIE Letters book by Coletta Kewitt https://www.thepieletters.com/home/  The Flight Nurse Bible: A Field Guide to Awesomeness by Robert P. Harris FoodiQueen.com  On Instagram: RefreshmentsAndNarcoticsRN On Facebook: Fire Department Chronicles

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