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03 | Vicki Saunders: The Challenges of Going First

av #realtalk with Cherry Rose Tan | Publicerades 5/22/2020

On today’s episode, we have the amazing Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO. Vicki has led this two-decade long initiative to transform how we support, celebrate, and finance female entrepreneurs around the world.

Vicki starts sharing her humble roots. Growing up in a male-dominated environment in countryside Ottawa, she did not realize her situation until she took up a feminist class at the age of 18. Vicki fights for an audacious, long-term goal of building a diverse, inclusive society.

She also reveals the struggles and the victories she has faced in going first. When she launched SheEO, it was a big leap. She gets vulnerable, talking about what it was like to lose her mother while building SheEO. With inner reflection and a supportive network, Vicki has stayed true to her radically different vision.

We wrap up this show by sharing self-care tips. Tune in now!


  • Her humble upbringings and entry into women’s rights
  • What it was like to be the disruptor in her industry
  • The path to self-confidence and staying true to herself
  • The importance of balancing exertion with restoration

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