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05 | Steven Pulver: Anxiety and the Importance of Community

av #realtalk with Cherry Rose Tan | Publicerades 5/29/2020

In today’s episode, we have the wonderful Steven Pulver, Co-Founder of Fireside Conference, North America’s premier tech retreat with 450 founders and investors. Steven is also the Co-Founder of MinuteBox, a corporate record solution for law firms.

Even as a kid, he loved outdoor camping and spending time amidst nature. As he grew older, Steven shares that these outdoor excursions helped him with his anxiety.

How did Steven manage to channel all his passion to form Fireside?

He shares how he and his friend Daniel started Fireside as a side-hustle in 2015. From the get-go, Fireside was meant to be a place for people to build great connections and bring everyone together: a close-knit community. Steven and Cherry Rose discuss how communities like Fireside have helped their mental health. Tune in now!


  • How we met, which came from a vulnerable moment
  • His struggles with anxiety and how it has shaped him as a person
  • The importance of community and what it can do for mental health

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