#realtalk with Cherry Rose Tan

RT 04 | How to Be Resilient During Tough Times

av #realtalk with Cherry Rose Tan | Publicerades 5/26/2020

Today’s episode is a mental health resource, brought to you by Alterna Savings. Our host Cherry Rose shares three tactical strategies to help you stay resilient during these trying times. These strategies are actionable, practical, and are guaranteed to elevate your performance.

First, we discuss creating routines to bring stability in your life. As companies across the world gravitate to a work-from-home model, creating structures in your professional AND personal lives is key.

Second, we discuss creating space by carving out some alone time: a safe space to help you deal with you with your most uncomfortable emotions. Cherry Rose reveals how she designs opportunities for recharging.

Finally, we discuss creating communities to deal with the incredible stress that accompanies entrepreneurship. We share why surrounding yourself with well-meaning peers is a must for your mental well-being. Enjoy!


  • How to be resilient during these tough times
  • Why staying alone can help you process uncomfortable emotions
  • How a structured approach can help you deal with uncertainty

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