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Episode 104: Boy Bands

Record Roundtable Hosted by Caleb, Tyler, and Jared. What an episode we have for you this week, listeners. In a little bit different format, we are discussing boy bands this week. That's right, we are talking about those bands that some of you remember from a certain turn of the century period and more. In an all encompassing episode, I will admit that we happened to hold a relatively concise discussion on so many things and I think we kind of nailed it. Maybe you should listen and decide for yourself, but I think the evidence is clear. Find us on Facebook for updates and additional content at Consider supporting us on Patreon: Check out our website at

Om Podcasten

A music podcast in which three musically minded individuals listen to the full or limited discography of a group or artist. They then talk about their music as well as their favorite albums and songs.