Redefining Motherhood with Nicole Weston

Permission to parent outside of the box with Kristen Lake

av Redefining Motherhood with Nicole Weston | Publicerades 3/25/2020

I loved connecting with Kristen Lake as we unpacked the importance of connecting back to our inner knowing so we can mother on our terms. Kristen shares her experience with parenting “outside of the box” and how she finds this mindset so freeing! We talk about letting go of ‘permission’ and standing in our essence of parenting for our values and what is important to us.

“I want moms to know that they have a choice, they are strong and they can do things THEIR WAY! I believe that mothers have a ton of pressure on.I believe that mothers need to take care of themselves first and feel good with their own choices...and that starts with knowing how to connect to their inner knowing and intuitive selves”.

You can connect with Kristen at and find her on Instagram: @kristenlakeofficial and Facebook: @kristenlakecoaching

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