067: How to Mind Your Own Business

  How is minding your own business going?  Do you even know what your business is? Or are you so taken up with the business of your job, celebrity news, and other folks' social media that you have no clue what this is?  Getting distracted by other people’s business is a given and understandable in this overstimulated world.   But while getting distracted is understandable, staying that way is 100% irresponsible and preventable!   This can’t stand! Especially since you have real business to tend to in figuring out how to create with your gifts.  You're on a mission to bring something to life that is all your own and that will help you be paid to be you.   How is that going?  This is work that requires deep commitment and focus.   But how will you do that if you’re not minding your own business?  This episode is about helping you get away from your distractions and back to your own business.  Listen in for the kick in the pants you need!    About: The Reframe to Create podcast is hosted by Joy Spencer, an Executive Leadership and Storytelling Coach, Speaker, and Organizational Development Consultant working with professionals and leaders at all levels within organizations.  Joy leverages over 17 years of experience she gained while working to champion change in social justice movements, including those related to global access to essential medicines and consumer advocacy for online privacy.  This work required a dogged commitment to not merely challenging the status quo, but to reimagining and working towards creating an ideal future.  It is this commitment to creating that has shaped Joy’s coaching philosophy and approach today. Using her signature C.R.E.A.T.E. framework, Joy guides her clients through a process to become incomparable in work so they can get paid to be themselves.     Follow Joy on LinkedIn  - https://www.linkedin.com/in/joy-spencer/

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The dream job is dead. So is the endless pursuit of productivity. Now it’s time to work in a completely new way that leaves you feeling purposeful, powerful and satisfied in all that you do. Learn how to set yourself apart by creating with your gifts, making a unique contribution, and finally getting paid to be you. To help you with this Joy Spencer, an experienced and certified Executive Leadership and Storytelling coach uses her C.R.E.A.T.E. framework to take you on your transformative work journey with reframes, tips, stories and guest interviews. You’ll never work the same way again after you develop your Signature Creation and StoryBrand.