Fredagar Remote Ruby

Joined by Andrea Fomera, Tony Hawk, and starting a Rails Hackathon!

av Remote Ruby | Publicerades 5/14/2021

Andrew pulled a Tony Hawk, fell off his skateboard, and fractured his arm, so now he’s in a cast! But it’s all good because we are excited to have Andrea Fomera, Product Developer at Podia, as our guest. Today, she is here to talk Ruby with us and since she is the resident “Caddy Expert” at Podia, we decided to have her on to tell us all about Caddy and her Hotwire course. We also have a discussion on what NGINX and Passenger do, and there’s been some rumbling about “Rails Rumble” making a comeback which would be awesome!! Also, Chris makes an announcement about the launch of the Hotwire iOS template for Jumpstart Pro!

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