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Rails' new Request.js library, Ruby Radar, and CSS for Email

av Remote Ruby | Publicerades 6/11/2021

his week, Andrew shares exciting news that the Ruby Radar newsletter he did with Collin Jilbert was released and it comes out on Sunday’s so make sure you check it out! Today, Chris and Andrew will fill your minds with so much impressive information today. We learn about elink, Maizzle, Rails Request.JS, and WWW-Authenticate header. Andrew tells us about some really cool Web Components called Shoelace, Lit, and Bridgetown Quick Search. Also, Chris and Andrew talk about element, Local Time from basecamp, and Design Tokens. And if that’s not enough, there’s a bunch of new releases happening in Ruby, and if you’re in the market and interested in writing Turbo, now is the time to do it because there is a huge need for it.

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