Running from Celiac Disease as a Runner: Interviewing Diane Lauren on All Things Running, How to Find a Coach, & Her Journey with Celiac Disease

** apologies for some of the bad audio, it’s due to connection issues on zoom! I tried to edit it as much as possible ** STOKED to share this episode with you all because I have the one and only Diane Lauren on the pod :) checkout ways to connect with her and follow her running journey below! Thank you Diane for coming on the podcast!  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow Diane: TikTok: @diane_lauren Instagram: @2lazyrunners  ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Episodes Around Winter Training: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Questions? Comments? Shoot me a message! Podcast IG: @resiliencyinrunning TikTok: @resiliencyinrunning Personal IG: @liznewcomer Amazon storefront: £10 off runthroughuk race sign-up: Canva Free Trial: Headliner Free Trial: £10 off Huel: --- Send in a voice message:

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In this podcast, we'll talk about the resiliency in running. Running has always been a steadfast for me and my favorite form of therapy, especially when I'm emotionally running from things like heartbreak, trauma, etc. Your host is Liz Newcomer, who will talk through the different relationships and traumas I've *run* from and how running has always been a constant for me. My hopes are to reach an audience that I'll be able to connect with and have an impact on whether you're able to relate, learn, or want to connect to continue the conversation! Questions or comments? Instagram/Twitter: @liznewcomer