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Ep12 - Feel less lonely as a solopreneur

av Resilient Business Podcast | Publicerades 6/2/2020

Today, Heather Thorkelson and Torill Wilhelmsen discuss why it may be necessary to make a shift away from the identity of a SOLOpreneur, to fully experience the support you can get from the entrepreneurial community. Having a business bestie, a trusted group of peers or an online community where you feel safe and supported, is absolutely key to survive difficult times and thrive in good times.

Everything will become easier when you realize that it´s a wonderful virtual support network out there to help you through almost any business challenge. In this 17-min episode, Heather and Torill talk about:

  • How we are defining ourselves shapes the support we can receive
  • The value of cross-pollination of ideas in digital communities
  • Step by step how to go about setting up a virtual coffee call with someone you want to connect with
  • The importance of physical gatherings (when we can)
  • ... and more!

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We’ve started this pop-up podcast to help entrepreneurs and business owners build resilience. We’ll be sharing concrete advice to get through very real challenges around COVID-19. And we’ll also be facilitating space to come together as a wider community -- so we can support and encourage one another.

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