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GestaltU on Crypto, From its History to the Future, with David Fauchier

av Resolve's Gestalt University | Publicerades 5/31/2021

This is GestaltU from ReSolve Asset Management where we debate the most relevant investment topics of the day, hosted by Adam Butler and Rodrigo Gordillo of ReSolve Global.   The Crypto space is gaining more interest every day. David Fauchier is a Portfolio Manager and allocator at Nickel Digital Asset Management, with eight years of experience in the digital asset space. Prior to joining Nickel, David was CIO of Cambrial Capital, a London based fund of funds, which specialized in sourcing and selecting market neutral managers in the digital asset space. He also sits on the Advisory Board of Global Digital Finance, an industry membership body engaging policy makers and regulators to advocate for industry best practice in cryptoassets.   On this episode we discuss:   The history of money regimes The cottage industry and new definition of “Market Neutral“ Contrasting allocation criteria for digital vs traditional managers Fund Managers and “The Five Aces“ Paranoid Cowboys The plumbing of fund management The three approaches to Crypto investing Cumulative “IQ Points“   As an addendum, we were able to debrief with David on the evening of the May 19th crypto liquidation event to hear first-hand how institutional traders experienced the event in real-time.   This was a wide-ranging conversation as David provided in depth insight into the paths taken during the current evolution of Crypto and where he feels it may lead us from here.   We hope you enjoy this informative interview.

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