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Making Data and AI Work for People and Society. With Reema Patel

In this episode we talk to Reema Patel, Head of Public Engagement at the Ada Lovelace Institute. The Ada Lovelace Institute is an independent research institute that was established in 2018. Its mission is to ensure data and AI work for people and society. Reema leads the organisation’s public attitudes and public deliberation research.During our conversation, Reema shares her journey from Cambridge University where she studied philosophy to becoming one of the founding team members of the Ada Lovelace Institute. Reema explains why the Ada Lovelace Institute was established, its mission and purpose, and takes us through the four main themes on which the Institute is focused: algorithm accountability; data for the public good; justice and equalities; and Covid-19 technologies. Reema also touches on the Institute's recent work on the risks and benefits of digital COVID-19 vaccine certification schemes.We discuss the impact the Ada LoveLace Instiute's work is having, determined as it is not to be a "talking shop". Lastly, Reema tells us about JUST AI, a humanities-led network established in 2020 that is committed to understanding the social and ethical value of data and AI.Follow Reema on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.Follow the Ada Lovelace Institute on Twitter, check out their blog, and sign up to their informative fortnightly newsletter.

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