Get Rid of the One Time “Sex Talk!” with Cole and Caitlin Zick

We need to eliminate this idea of “the sex talk” and instead normalize healthy sexual conversation in our family to raise our kids with a Biblical understanding of sexuality. Today Cole and Caitlin Zick, directors of Moral Revolution, share how we can change the atmosphere, renew our thinking and restore what God intends sexuality to be. We talk about practical ways parents can start becoming educated, how to begin removing the shame in our marriages, and how to start healing our own sexual brokenness. This episode is jam-packed with wisdom, tips, and practical application to disciple our kids sexually, heal our internal shame, and start a moral revolution!

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This podcast is dedicated to restoring marriages and relationships to wholeness in Christ after being affected by pornography and sexual brokenness. Every episode is filled with rawness and transparency as Clinton and Charity intertwine their story while interviewing professionals and others about what it takes to rebuild connection after betrayal takes place. They focus on restoring safety and trust, rebuilding connection and intimacy, and ultimately reflecting God's ability to heal and redeem. Listen now for hope and guidance to start your journey of becoming Restored 2 More.