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Retail is Dead Episode 1: Community

av Retail Is Dead | Publicerades 7/9/2020

Welcome to Retail is Dead.  We are fed up hearing that “retail is dead”, when in our opinion it’s just getting exciting.

Set up by three pals who live in London & work  in real estate; Leanne Catterall @braddersl, Rebeca Guzman Vidal  @snobgirllondon and Erin McDonald @erinizzie.

Our first ever episode is all about community.   Recorded remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic we thought it was the  perfect first episode to kick off our first series.   Come have a listen  to hear our fav community focused brands and places.

Our amazing guest is Rod Buchanan, you can check  out his burny burny moves via his Instagram page @bodybyrodpt and a link  to his fundraising merch page is here then click into merchandise.

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Rod’s brands are:

Psycle London; @psyclelodon;

Aesop; @aesopskincare;

Cowshed; @cowshed;

Our community brands are:

Ganni; @ganni;

Red Bull; @redbull;

Rixo; @rixo;

Nike; @nike;

Our community places are:

Guardswell Farm; @guardswellfarm;

Ballinaggart Farm; @ballintaggart;

The Fife Arms; @thefifearms;

The Williamsburg Hotel; @wburghotel;

Joe’s Pizza; @joespizzanyc;

Omotesando Koffee; @omotesando.koffee;

Kings Cross; @kingscrossnc1;

Coal Office; @coaloffice;

Happy Face Pizza: @happyfacepizza

The Drop:

Panagia; @thepangaia;

Om Podcasten

Retail is Dead is a podcast where we talk all things retail as consumers and industry outsiders. We are fed up reading and hearing that “retail is dead”, when in our humble opinion it’s just getting exciting. We’re here for the ride and we’d love to share it with you. The highs, the lows, the failures and the new obsessions.