RCR Episode 236: Lasers Smoking in the PET Room

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Michael Mulhern, Jack Nutting, Blake Patterson, and Carrington Vanston Topic: Lasers Smoking in the PET Room We start a conversation about computers in school. For many of us, computers were only just becoming available in our school years, so we consider the access this provided (limited though it often was). Topic/Feedback Links: My earliest memories of microcomputing Remembering an Atari lab in Hampton, VA BBC Archive: Infocom feature (1986) P.R.E.S.T.A.B.A. ported to the MC-10 MC-10 emulator (pick PRESTAVB cassette and type RUN) Retro Computing News: AmigaOS 3.2 for all Classic Amigas released Creating Chinese computer fonts The Little Book of Sound Chips (Volume 1) Hibernated 1. The Director's Cut. #ponyinformation Hibernated 1 (physical, SAM Coupé version) SAM Coupé on eBay SAM Coupé overview (YouTube, Re:Enthused) SD card and Ethernet adapter for the SAM Coupé Quazar (home of SAM Revival magazine ) Review of SAM Revival magazines (YouTube, TJ Ferreira) Sim Coupé World of SAM SAM Coupé Champion Collection No Quarter, episode 78: Sorry Charlie. Vintage Computer commercials: Miracle Workers, season 3 trailer PRIME Computer Retro Computing Gift Idea: Radio Shack shirt Auction Picks: Blake: Mac 128K, probably Carrington: iCEBOX See also: Hybrid Net Appliance Hits Market Michael: Guns of Fort Defiance Paul: Prince of Persia for the SAM Coupé Closing notes: Roberta and Ken Williams making first game together in over 20 years People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction Michael's scans at archive.org Scan Tailor Advanced Feedback/Discussion: @rcrpodcast on Twitter Vintage Computer Forum RCR Podcast on Facebook Throwback Network Throwback Network on Facebook Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X Show audio files hosted by CyberEars Listen/Download:

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