RCR Episode 255: The One With All The Ones

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Quinn Dunki, Earl Evans, and Blake Patterson Topic: The One With All The Ones The Retrocomputing Roundtable has reached the end of its 8-bit run. Topic/Feedback links: Byte 8-bit computing Nibble Big boxes history video Traveler (Wikipedia) Traveler (Imperial Encyclopedia) Traveler (Mongoose Publishing) Mayday 2022 Manhunt Wonderful Things (story about Manhunt) Open Apple 41 (November 2014). Seek to 2:03. Identify II v2.01 Retro Computing News: Tweeting from the Teletype, April 2020 Tweeted from the Teletype FASTRAND (Powerhouse Collecttion) FASTRAND (Univac memories) FASTRAND (Computer History Archives Project) FASTRAND (Wikipedia) Kenbak-1 Emulator HP9830a Repair The Apple Boogie Vintage Computer(-related) commercials etc.: Elephant Memory Systems mini micro floppy disk (Italian) Laser Computer (Katja Schuurman, Dutch) Retro Computing Gift Idea: 8 bit game cartridge cutting board Auction Picks: Blake: Laser 386SX/3 Y2K Bug Earl: Altair 8800 Ventana World Wide Web Kit See also: Ventana (PC Magazine review) Paul: Elephant mug Intel inside MPF-1P MPF-Ib See also: MPF-I (Wikipedia) See also: Flite interview (Elektor) Tomy Tutor ZX-80 HHC set A2Stream file: a2stream file for this episode: http://yesterbits.com/media/a2s/rcr255.a2stream Feedback/Discussion: @rcrpodcast on Twitter Vintage Computer Forum RCR Podcast on Facebook Throwback Network Throwback Network on Facebook Intro / Closing Song: Back to Oz by John X Show audio files hosted by CyberEars Listen/Download:

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