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Night Before the Exam - A Level Biology - Paper 1 Revision

av Revise - A Level Biology Revision | Publicerades 6/5/2019

Did you know biology is the only subject where multiplication is the same as division? 😜😜😜 

All of your hard work hasn't been in 'vein' - the end is in sight! Join Seneca's resident mad scientist Jono as he runs over some tips, tricks, and stress busters for A Level Biology Paper 1.  Things join together as Jono talks through biological molecules, he then hops on the gain-train to talk about proteins, before getting 'insane in the cell membrane' and finally finishing with some 'gene'-ius tips about DNA mutations. Ideal for preparing for your A Level Biology exam. For more info visit 

Remember you're never alone! Millions of prokaryotes are living in your gut right now. Best of luck! Jono 

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