“Beyond the Bag” with Rebecca Minkoff – Reward Podcast Episode 17

The most successful entrepreneurs almost appear to have a sixth sense of predicting the future. Breakthrough ideas take a certain amount of foresight and (dare we say it) delusion to succeed in predicting the next big thing.  (Because you need to believe what may not be “true” now… before the world catches up.)  For designer Rebecca Minkoff – that sixth sense came instinctively. And then her big breakthrough in the early 2000s was actress Jenna Elfman wearing a distinctly Minkoff-designed tee on a late-night TV appearance. The rest was history.  Rebecca is a luminary in the world of fashion, synonymous with accessible luxury, her edgy designs and innovative business strategies have taken her namesake brand to incredible reach and revenues. She is not only the co-founder and creative force behind the globally recognized brand Rebecca Minkoff, but also a passionate advocate for women in business via her Female Founder Collective. BIG NEWS: We’re excited to have Rebecca joining us as our Special Guest Advisor for The Trust, spending an entire morning with us at our Official Spring Meeting happening in Naples, Florida on March 5+6, 2024. (Psssst – will you be with us? Why not? Join us in time to be there – learn more at  JoinTheTrust.org.)  In the meantime, don’t miss this EXCLUSIVE interview with Rebecca right here on Reward with The Trust founder Ali Brown.  On this episode of the #REWARDPodcast, you’ll hear: The seismic shifts in the fashion industry over the last two decades and how Rebecca Minkoff is breaking the mold (SPOILER: social isn’t going anywhere) How Rebecca was one of the first brands to invite social influencers to her fashion shows (the big-name fashion editors were trying to BAN them) A first-look at the innovative way Rebecca is bringing women founders together and tackling gender disparities at higher levels  The ways both Rebecca and Ali are creating impactful safe spaces of connection for women via their missions (and why it’s more important now than EVER) AND a special invitation to join us for our 2024 Spring Invitation Call on January 30, 2024 at 1pm ET/10am PT to learn more about how you can uplevel your circle to create space to expand your business with The Trust  And, learn more about The Trust and Rebecca!  Learn more about The Trust – our modern, premier network for 7+8-figure women entrepreneurs  Follow The Trust on Instagram and Linkedin  Follow Rebecca Minkoff on Instagram Learn more about Rebecca’s Female Founder Collective + The 10th HouseConnect with us on social using the hashtag #RewardPodcast and share your key takeaways from this episode!

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