RhythmOtism Episode 10

av RhythmOtism | Publicerades 2/27/2020

Masih & arash - 100 rishteri Assef aria - paytam man Farzad fazrin - Jazzab Arron Afshar - tabib maaher Alireza Talischi - Sakhtgir Ehaam - Taab O Tab Amir Abbas - Davaa Hamid Hiraad - Khosham Miad Sahar - Donafareh Amir Hossein Eftekhari - Eshghe Dordaaneh Reza Bahram - Kash Amin Rostami - Eshgh Jan hamde Baradaran - Faghad Bash Arron Afshar - Gisoo Parishaan Sareen - Kari Kardi Misagh Raad & Mehdi Yariyan - Khandeye Yaar Behnam Baani - Ghorse Ghamar 2

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DJCINCINATI is an multi genre DJ and house music producer from Iran, Tehran. He was born on 26th November 1989 in Tehran. Cincinati shifted to Dubai dince he was in primary school and more because of Ferry Corstens musics that he listened to them a lot and love them very much was eager to started his DJing and mixing since 14, then he became composer since 19. In beginning he practiced Deep house style by ableton live and a couple of month later he started to compose house music style that reason goes back to Max Vangeli and an21 style and their performance in festivals that Cincinati got much energy and madness. So he wanted to produce some smashing drop by himself. So his first track that's call 'Born To Fly' released on social network in December 2015 . Nearly in 2017 .but Cincinati never released so many of his tracks because of not getting hyper with what he produced .and now starting his new journey again in Great Britain and with having podcasts in Persian social media . I always love to collaborate with different artists .