Essential Insights from Secondary Legislation for the Building Safety Act 2022 with Gary Strong, Andrew Thomas & David Savage #99

Since Episode 58 of The RICS Podcast in February 2022, where we covered an overview of the Building Safety Act 2022, there’s been a number of key changes worth noting in new secondary legislation.Returning to discuss Gateways 2 & 3, approaches to higher-risk buildings (HRBs), remediation orders and much more are Andrew Thomas MRICS and David Savage LLB, sharing their insights once again with host Gary Strong FRICS.This episode of The RICS Podcast covers:What the secondary legislation has introduced in 2023, and how the industry is responding to the volume of secondary legislation that’s been brought inHow is this impacting building control and local authoritiesWhat are Safety CasesThe details of Gateways two and three, due to follow August 2022’s Gateway 1What is the Golden ThreadRemediation Orders and EnforcementDetails on how the Building Safety Act affects The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.Links to useful resources at 

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