RICS: The Residential Sector, Tribunal Membership & Vital Standards Consultations with Antony Parkinson & Mairead Carroll #84

Throughout Antony Parkinson’s varied career in the residential property sector, he’s been on both sides of an APC assessment, garnered experience as a tribunal member, and seen the profession from outside and within RICS itself.Antony’s journey holds lessons for so many within various specialisms of the surveying profession, and he joins Mairead Carroll on The RICS Podcast this week to share some of his career’s key learnings.This episode of The RICS Podcast covers:Opportunities that Antony has been afforded by becoming a chartered surveyorObservations from both sides of the fence, being in practice and within RICS itselfThe journey that follows standards consultationsAdvice and motivation for future surveyors undertaking their APC

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