WBEF: Hidden Workers: Sick pay, Procurement and Addressing Health Inequalities at Work with WPI Economics’ Laura Osborne and Legal & General’s Mark Tyson #96

The provision of sick pay and support for workers in ill health is a key issue in the Safe Sick Pay campaign’s push to reduce health inequality.In a recent report for the campaign, WPI Economics highlighted the reality of Statutory Sick Pay and the positive benefits of reform - Laura Osborne joins us on The RICS Podcast to share more on the campaign, the report, and how industry attitudes towards sick pay are changing for the better.This episode of The RICS Podcast covers:Why qualitative information was so key in understanding the impact of insufficient sick pay provisionsChanging attitudes towards illness in the workplace post-CovidRecommendations from WPI Economics’ latest report for the Safe Sick Pay campaignHow the campaign considers the implications for SMEs and smaller companiesLinks & References:https://wpieconomics.com/publications/ssp-reform/https://www.instituteofhealthequity.org/resources-reports/working-well-delivering-better-health-outcomes-for-hidden-workers

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