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The Rigs of Dad Prodcast ep 51: Jonathan Nuñez (Torche, Nuñez Amps, Sound Artillery Studios)

av Rigs of Dad Prodcast | Publicerades 4/6/2021

A true tonal titan... The Prometheus of tonal possibilities... A bassist, a guitarist, a producer, an engineer, an amp builder, a pedal builder, and an insanely engaging conversationalist. Jonathan Nuñez talks tone in depth from his first years of wanting to be a musician through his days in one of the heaviest sounding bands to ever play: Torche. We talk riffs, amps, pedals, Blue Oyster Cult, and more!!

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The Rigs of Dad Prodcast is the original Rigs of Dad podcast, where tone makers from all walks of life ham it up and get hit with the hard questions.