62. How to make extra cash and write a household budget you are actually excited about

Are you somebody who starts sweating at the thought of writing a budget? You need to listen to this episode!    Here are a few points we dive into:    Assess where you’re currently at financially.  Make a list of what you need to live the lifestyle you want.  Write out your income goal for the year.  Reverse-engineer that goal with all income streams.  Add an income stream if your current income streams come up short.    Remember if you want to help others - you need the means to help!    To connect with Angie click HERE (link to www.instagram.com/angie.garner)   Read Angie’s book HERE (link to https://www.amazon.com/Time-Millionaire-Create-Things-Ultimate-ebook/dp/B07D18N4W1) 

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In a world where we are constantly being distracted and pulled down by the weight of pleasing others and maintaining status quo, this show is your invite to unapologetically focus on your dreams; to step into your life’s purpose and truly live your life by design. This is for the woman who knows deep-down she is MADE FOR MORE. (Even if you aren’t exactly sure what that is yet!) This is for the woman who doesn’t just want strategy, but wants her SOUL loved on each and every week. This is for the big dreamer who wants to turn her PASSIONS into PROFITS. This is for the woman who is ready to RISE to the call on her life, and THRIVE as she walks in her power. Show up expectant for breakthrough and motivation as Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, and Mom of 2 littles, Angie Garner, speaks to your heart and gives you the steps to redesign your life to be in alignment with your true self. INSTAGRAM: @angie.garner WEBSITE: www.angiegarner.com