RLI Talks

29: Brian Wilkinson & Astley Shields (phs Group)

av RLI Talks | Publicerades 3/29/2021

In this special episode of the RLI Talks Podcast, Jayne Rafter (Publisher of RLI) is joined by Brian Wilkinson (Head of Retail & Leisure) and Astley Shields (Air Care Expert) from phs Group, the hygiene specialists. The last year has been difficult for everyone, but now we're all looking forward to the world reopening again. However, when it comes to the retail and leisure sectors, confidence will play a huge part in how quickly things can get back to normal - especially when it comes to being indoors. Brian and Astley discuss how COVID-19 is transmitted and what measures retail and leisure operators can put in place to help boost the confidence of their customers when it comes to visiting their venues or retail spaces. Referring to the independent research phs Group have commissioned, this podcast is a must-listen for those in the industry who want to re-open safely. You can find out more about phs Group and their work at www.phs.co.uk

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